Close Encounters of the Third Kind

You never know when love (or alien fish) is gonna hit your door. 

I tried to remember how I landed on the first quilled art picture but it is useless. It was just another same-shit-different-day at the office, Googling through endless images just to pass the time till the clock would hit 5
And then this fish
appeared on my screen!

... and I was struck by lightning. I have never seen anything like that before. Completely alien and awesome and extraordinaire and alive. I must admit that I have had a fascination with spirals since I can remember myself but this was something else.

I instantly decided I wanna learn how to do this and from then I have been adventuring in the world of quilling. Paper and glue and two empty hands were all I needed and I have it ALL!

I owe my first impression on quilling to Kathleen Usova who is the artist behind the fish and I am thankful for bumping into her work. Check out some other examples and visit her at iron-maiden-art.

Empty hand full of life!

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