New Toy: Paper Shredder!

Last week I ordered a new paper shredder from amazing quiller Azlina*. And yesterday I got a note from the post office that a package is waiting for me. Could not believe how fast it arrived!

Anyway, since my time is limited (*cough, cough), I employed the help of a dear friend who often lends a hand 
(and a bike).

This is him after handing me the package.
Thank you! 

The package itself!
Set to go!
First Paper Shredding

~ Verdict ~
Order and shipment was super easy and fast. Lin made sure it arrived safely. I mean I could tell from her packaging how much respect she has for that little gadget! It makes perfect strips of 3mm, bit rough on the edges but surely better than the office shredder I have been using. And because the paper feeds in manually the strips come out fairly neat and straight. Unlike the ones I made with the electrical monster that chews papers very quickly having them all curling up.

 But the best part of the whole deal is that it sounds soooo cool. Like when you pop a coca cola tin and just by the sound of it you get excited... Well that's the feeling! 
I think I 'm now ready to shred the world into strips!

* Lin is one of the sweetest quillers I have encountered on the web. She is not only talented but also very active in creating, promoting quilling and sharing information. She is definitely an inspiration. I have seen this shredder being sold here and there but the bestEST part of the deal was in the knowledge that I put my money in good use and in supporting a passionate fellow quiller. 


  1. WOW Anama! I'm so happy for you! I'm so happy to see that the paper shredder arrived to you in such good condition! And thank you so much for such lovely words about me and my business, I really appreciate it very much ;). Happy for you!

    Happy shredding!!! ;)

    1. Love & Light & Inspiration to you Lin!


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