Greek Elections 2012

They say that one always finds what he is looking for. I mean others look for 23s or 11:11 and that is all they get. True enough, using the quilling goggles as I am, all I see around me are potential projects. And paper...

On Sunday I went to vote and got shocked! Not by the candidates, no... The ballots!! I instantly pictured them shredded. Not unlike many other Greeks who are disappointed and angry with our politicians, although I am certain I am the only fool around who imagined them as quilling strips!

So, into the paravan I go with empty hands.... out I come with a bunch of ballots. 
Here is my stash! All the candidates. And when I say all I mean ALL. :P

Made a coffee (most essential to the creative process and my well being in general), got my trusted shredder in hand and started stripping them one by one. In no particular order I assure you. Although for a brief moment I entertained the thought of destroying them in order of DIS-ability). 

Here is my version of the candidates in our recent Elections. 
Looking useful now, dont`t they?!!!

Now, I have to decide what to do with them. I have come up with some ideas like a typography project reading FAIL or EVOLVE ALREADY, a figurine army of 300 puppet politicians or the hand of Karagiozis (*Greeks pliz insert appropriate background music here) but I am not quite sure yet. 

As my time is very limited and this is going to take a while before getting started, I welcome you to offer suggestions on how to transform them into something beautiful! Cheers!!!

PS. Mind your language while offering ideas. 

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