The Way

I have been meaning to try typography quilling for a while now but felt kinda intimidated. After a talk with Lin I somehow felt ready to dive into it!
The concept had popped into my mind a couple of months ago and waited patiently to make it to paper. And here it is now.

The Way appears to be elaborate, full of intricate words, concepts, philosophies and ramblings. A phantasmagoria of words shredded from a vintage philosophy book fills its linguistic description. 

The simple, humble singularity of a hollow dot is what it´s all about.



  1. Oh wow!!! This is wonderful!! You did it! Way to go Anama!!!

  2. Thank You Lin!
    For the appreciation and our talk the other day.
    You are an inspiration.

    Unfo, now that I took the dive in typography I do not want to get out of the water!! hahahaha

  3. It's beautiful anama

  4. Your card and quilling is so Beautiful..Popping by from MIM for a Visit..Loz

  5. Hello. Your card is Sooo Beautiful. I saw this on MIM..Faye

  6. Wow this is absolutely stunning!! Saw you on MIM
    Nat -x-

  7. wow I saw this on MIM, I am so impressed! Jane x
    PS. I really stuggled with your work verification..took me 3 goes! If you are not happy to just have people comment adding moderation is much easier than word verifiaction.Hope you don't mind me saying but I think a lot of people give up and it's a shame as it's always lovely to leave a comment!

  8. Thank you all for your nice comments!

    @Jane: I appreciate your suggestion and will gladly change the settings. You are absolutely right. It is annoying at times!!

    Love & Light & Paper Spirals

  9. Wow, what an interesting idea and so well executed!
    I'd love to invite you to consider The Lollipop Ladies if your looking for a new challenge blog - It would be great to see more of your work.

  10. Thank you for that ..I have tried before too and sometimes just could not read letters .
    Now this project is worth the trying though .What a fabulous showcasing of what you can do with quilling .
    Thanks for sharing on Make it Monday .

  11. @Jane: Thanks! Just followed the lollipop and will be glad to share some of my creations if I get a chance. Will sure keep an eye.

    @Shirley: Maybe it can inspire you to try again and who knows? It is definately worth it!


  12. This is soo beautiful... I saw this before but as I came back from MIM I saw smth new..u actually used strips of paper made from the pages of a book right??
    Thats a really great idea.
    I like it.


  13. I saw your beautiful creation on Make It Monday and had to visit and take a closer look. Gorgeous! TFS!
    My entries are: #23, #109, and #213.
    I would love to have you visit my blogs: Paper and Scraps Creations by Julia and Me and Myself on the Dark…

  14. Yep! Strips were made out of pages from a vintage philosophy book.


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