Through The Looking Glass

If you are a regular here then you may have noticed that there was an issue with my eye. A disturbance of sorts. Imagine then my surprise when I got contacted by Firmoo a few days ago with an offer for a free pair of eyeglasses. What the whack??? I mean, honestly, I thought I might get a freebie sometime but kind of imagined it would more likely be a bottle of glue -or maybe coffee?!
The coincidence was pretty obvious (and an eye opener too) so I jumped in. Soon I was all over Firmoo trying to pick up a pair of sunglasses and playing around with their cool virtual try-on application. The downside was that with all the great choices they present it is really easy to get lost and undecisive. But with a little help from a friend (and a lot of laughs) I narrowed it down to one and made the order. The package (thoughtfully assembled to avoid potential damage to the glasses) arrived surprisingly quick and just one day before my leaving for vacations. Great timing!

Sun, sea, coffee, good company... The world in my hands.

Soon it came to me that what is really interesting is not how they seem from outside but how they see from inside. 
A simple turning-in makes for a whole new vision on things.

I See My Best Friend
I See My Son

Is your vision coming from with*out or from with*in?

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