InSpirals ~ Quilled Art ~ For Her Mom

My number one fan and beloved friend stroke again. This time she wanted me to take a little passage she wrote for her mother and turn it into a wall art piece. 
She dropped in earlier today for coffee and she absolutely loved it! 
In fact, I am afraid she liked it so much that she is tempted to keep it for herself and not give it to her mother... :)


  1. Ok, you are right... I absolutely love it!!...
    it's amazing ...
    i have written this text a few months ago, posted in my blog 'an-dorablelife.blogspot' and now you made this lovely piece of art.. i will give that to her as a present for Christmas and of course you will keep creating things for me ... i like your art so much...
    i will also post it on an-dorablelife ....!!

    thank you ... kisses An

  2. Cheers Girl!
    I am so glad you like it!

    Hugs & Kisses

  3. eautiful quilling!!!
    I understand why your friend don´t want to give her mom.


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