Heya & A Feature

Long time, no see. I know some of you have been wondering about my recent absence from the blog. To tell you the truth I have been wondering myself about my whole blogging and quilling adventures. It has been kind of difficult to find time and/or energy to quill since my day job and family keep me endlessly busy and in some cases a bit of drained at the end of the day. I guess I have sunk in disappointment these past days. I mean... I have like a ton of ideas and projects I would like to try. Coupled with so little time and the need to remain at my day job. It feels frustrating to have to slow down my passion for quilling and I cannot possibly create from a frustrated point of view.

Understanding this, I gave myself a little break. Sometime off to clear my head, restock on energy. Must have worked because yesterday the urge to play resurfaced and I dusted off my desk (which was in a horrible state of neglect!). 

And just as this low point was coming to an end, after quite some time, a card of mine was featured in a treasury list... Talk about coincidence!

A special thanks to Anna for the discussion we had last time we met. Really helped in recharging my batteries! Also to Jennifer for her feauture that came up just on time to cheer me up. And finally to all the friends of this blog that stick with me and share my joy of quilling. Thank You!

Love & Light & PaperSpirals
~ Anama


  1. Thank you very much my dear friend!!! ...
    I read your post and it is so emotional and so motivational for many many people, for me too!!!!!..
    keep creating ..
    'You are not supposed to look back,
    you are supposed to keep going'

    kisses An

  2. Welcome back!
    Your thoughts are just fine. We all have those moments. Take a deep breath and move on!

  3. Thanks Girls!

    Hey! Sometimes my thoughts are not fine! Or mine for that matter...

    And so I will not pay attention to the man behind the curtain and just follow the yellow *quill* road. :)


  4. glad your back, we all have detours in life, dont give up just keep moving forward !!!!

  5. Indeed! Thanks everyone (and me) for sticking in. :)

  6. Your card is lovely, Anama, and I'm sure you have benefited from taking a break. Thanks also for the kind comment that you left on my blog!


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