Pawsitive Thinking

Remember Pawsitive? Dear friend Vaso is a well known dog mom. You just *have to hear her talk about Alberto. You'd think she speaks of her son. Or maybe her lover. Have not really decided which is more disturbing...

This is Alberto as he was rescued by Now, tell me, how could he not be adopted with a look like this?

Among other motherly things she does for him, Vaso bakes the most delicious dog treats for him. Using top quality organic ingredients. I mean really... These treats are more nutricious than the cookies I give my son for breakfast... Have some mercy!

This time she has made a whole bunch of them to donate for the upcoming bazaar of and I prepared some cute tags to complement her packages.


If you want to see them up close and have a taste while supporting the cause, drop by the bazaar.



  1. how sweet of her doing that, and sweet of you to add such a cute touch to the bags !!!!

  2. :) Thanks! Hope we raise some money for our little friends.


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