DeStash Frenzy

This past week I put a pause into quilling and decided to deal with all the clutter of a stash I have been saving over the ages. Seems I have gathered lots of bits and pieces from here and there with the purpose of transforming them when time allows it but time did not allow it till now. 

So, I started with a couple of wooden frames (that I will be using for quilled artwork in the future). Good plain frames but terribly ugly in terms of color. Yack! This is how they look now. I am looking forward to seeing them with some quilling inside. And yes... they will have to be further altered into shadowboxes for this purpose. 
But that is the easy part...

Next I decide to tend to a wine box I had salvaged and a little wooden suitcase. I intend to use them as props for photo shootings and booth styling in the near future. The look I am hoping to achieve is the quite popular shabby-vintage but did not really know how to start. After a couple (dozen) videos on YouTube and a visit to the local hardware store I was ready to make myself a coffee and get my hands dirty.

For the wine box I just whitewashed it because I wanted the wood to show beneath the paint. Not sure if you can see it in the photos but it looks great from up close. 
I initially had the idea to turn this into a step by step tutorial but my enthusiasm got over me and forgot to take pictures of some crucial steps....
Who can wait for the paint to dry between layers?
... But! I did manage to get a 'BEFORE' picture.

Next in line, one of my favorite pieces. A little wooden suitcase, perfect in size and shape but hideous in color. With a bit of love it is now transformed and will be a super cute as prop.
Just when I finished the first coat of paint I realised that I did not take a photo of its original state. Pfff. However I had used it as background for photographing my boxes so you can see some part of it. At least the color is quite evident. As close to a 'BEFORE' picture as it gets.


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