A Good Slap In The Face

Hey friends! I am back! After a long summer, lots of swims and tons of relaxation we finally made it to September. It turns out that I got fired from work just in time to fully enjoy summer and get a much needed rest and recuperation from my toxic ex office job. I thought I would plunge myself into quilling immediately but instead plunged myself to leisure and siesta and sunbathing and coffee and that's about it! Honestly I did not expect to need that much rest to digest this whole thing. 

Quillography project in the making...

And then came September... 
School season, doctors' appointments, enrolling in classes, new clothes, new teachers, lists of supplies, ordering forms, alarm clocks buzzing a couple of minutes after I went to sleep, lunch boxes, books to prepare, cakes to bake, OMG! How I hate September! 

Now that the worse part is over and things begin to take their normal autumn course, it is finally time to roll. Paper, that is! To get myself warmed up I made a few quilled ornaments that will be perfect for Christmas decorations, using wider paper strips of 1 cm. And I am planning to make a whole lot more so keep checking my etsy store for what is available and message me in advance if you are too preparing for Christmas time!
The colorful snowflakes / flower blooms measure approximately 9x9 cm, while the drop is a little smaller at 5,5x7 cm.

With Christmas also in mind I made a collection of decorative pegs, perfect for attaching a card or label to a gift. I never give a gift without one and they always put a smile on the face of the receiver. It goes to show that a little thoughtful personalized thing can make a huge difference! 

Feels good to be back! Have a beautiful day and stay connected!
Love & Light & PaperSpirals ~ Anama


  1. welcome back, Anama !! lovely designs

  2. welcome back, love the colors in your ornaments, and the pegs are adorable idea !!!


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