Big Oops! I owe some of you an apology. You see, I use facebook to communicate with most of you and it is my favorite way of connecting with friends. So I wrongly assumed that you all feel the same and neglect my blog. I recently had a couple of complaints because, yeah it happens, some of you do not spend your whole day in front of FB and as such you did not know the results of the contest. Sorry!
And thank you! Better late than never, so know that with your help I won and you made me a very happy happy girl.

Here's me hugging my new papers!

Since my last post I made a couple of more clocks :) 
For this one I used a round wooden base that I repainted and decorated with this beautiful mandala design. It turned out spectacular! And it is still up for grabs!

The second one was a custom order for a friend who wanted a special gift for her sister. We browsed through my newly refreshed collection of colors and decided on a combination that would match her preferences. This is officially the first artwork with my new paper strips! :D 
A little bird told me that she absolutely loved it!

Obviously, all artwork is unique and I cannot duplicate any design. However, you can use this sample listing to order a similar mandala canvas clock with your choice of colors. I will be very happy to make something special just for you! 

Mandalas seem to be my current love affair. Just today I completed another one, my coolest yet! I placed it in a shadowbox, ready to decorate your special place with some paper magic. I have been playing with the idea of adding extra materials for a while now and this is my first piece that includes coral chips. It turned out more beautiful than I imagined and I am definitely going to further play with this concept. Check out more pictures here.

Meantime, I am also working on a typography project related to my other big love, that is EFT / Tapping. For those of you that are not familiar with the term, it refers to Emotional Freedom Techniques, a simple and super effective way to clear energy blocks and regain freedom from anxiety, phobias, limiting beliefs and toxic negative feelings. I have recently gone through a 4 month marathon of clearing all my past hurts and I am currently a student on the way to becoming a practitioner myself so I can share this incredible gift with the world. 
Sounds like I'm pretty busy, right? And loving it!

Till next time, I would love to hear your comments. Stay connected!

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