Paper Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

I am dreaming of a Paper Christmas.

White is so outdated. Snow cold. Come on! And don't let me get started on snowmen. Fat. All look the same. Ice cold. Planted in the same position with dreadful apathy. Who cares for a man like that? Met enough of those in my life. I like mine steaming, flexible, unique, ALIVE. Heart warm and melted. Now, that's a man.

So, enough with the White Christmas. Time for Paper Christmas! I am dreaming of those. Colorful, playful, flexible, yet strong. Unique. Their value coming from the heart put into them, not the glamour of fancy materials. That's a Christmas Spirit!

Browse through my collection of paper ornaments and get into the right season mood. Decorate your space and make thoughtful gifts that show you care without emptying your pockets. Flat rate (without shipping) on all ornaments is 11 euro, eleven being the players of a soccer team, which is my son's favorite sport! Had to make a tribute to my little man, right?  Enjoy and have a Merry Paper Christmas!


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