Who doesn't love a purple swarowski? Or more like 12!

It may snow here in Greece but kusudamas never fail to bloom! 

60 individual pieces of high quality paper were hand cut from printed sheets of the First Epistle to the Corinthians, the famous hymn to love in order for this Kusudama to bloom into life. Each of the squares was treated and aged in order to obtain more of a purple character and varnish was applied for extra protection.

I usually make the stames out of semi precious stones, but this time I thought of trying another option and used those incredible Amethyst Swarowski crystals that I got from Aunties' Beads. Purple, as you well know, is my favorite color and I could not resist those gorgeous crystals! Awesome and sweet as candy! The photos cannot really capture all the different shades of purple that light plays on them.

My "Love Never Fails" Kusudamas with printed script from the First Epistle to the Corinthians are intended as ideal gifts for anniversaries, weddings and between lovers. Perfect especially for paper anniversaries, they are meant to stir emotions of unconditional love and devotion and act as reminders of what love is capable of. 

Special thanks and a big shout out to Aunties' Beads for their flawless customer support and contribution of the absolutely gorgeous swarowski! It can be yours, here. :)

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